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Our DAPP &
Smart Contract

Securing your Capital
A DAPP (Decentralized Application) by its very nature ie: decentralization, ensures that all data stored on the blockchain is accurate and complete.

As such, our use of blockchain-based DAPP and Smart Contracts to hold the funds for trading ensure:
  • Transparency
  • Inalterability/Tamper-proof
  • Security

In other words, your funds that are invested for arbitrage trading is being held with a totally independent, transparent and secure place where there is no risk of unauthorized access to the funds. The funds will only be released in accordance with the terms of the Smart Contract.

Our DAPP is built on the ubiquitous, tested and proven Ethereum blockchain ensuring its widespread compatibility and reliability.

In other words, funds held within the DAPPs is akin to having your funds held in a ultra-secure vault that is far more secure than having an account at a Swiss Bank!

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